Millennial Outreach Campaign

Chaim Malespin and Joshua Aaron

Millennials aren’t interested in the hard sell. Young adults crave content that has an inherent purpose. Through the use of storytelling and capturing memorable moments, this is effective for every millennial marketing campaign.

Millennials are about living for memorable experiences – they are on a constant quest for the next big thing to eat, drink, buy, do, and think so they can tell everyone about it via social media. Going on an outreach is a memorable and transformative experience for many and through our video campaign we aimed to show that. Our goal was to create content with substance, and we measured this by how many signups we received through the age ranges of 18-32.  

In addition to the video above, we included 7 other videos into the campaign that were edited by other filmmakers. For prospective volunteers who inquired through an ad posted on Facebook, they received a four-part email drip campaign, including four videos and a CTA telling users to fill out an application form. The email videos were produced and edited by me, using green screen animation

This is an ongoing campaign that is still being tested. 


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