Project Details

As a top laser school and medical spa in Scottsdale, Arizona my job was to keep awareness of the school and spa’s services high in the search engines. Scottsdale is one of the leading cities for spas, so it’s very competitive. They wanted dynamic micro-sites that all connected to both medical spa and school websites.

Medical Spa SEO client

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is also a big keyword in the search engines. We launched AzTattooRemoval in 2010 and I wrote SEO related content every day for three months, until this site was ranking on the first page in the search engines. It is still on the 1st page today.


We also launched Botox school in 2011, feeding it fresh content daily for the search engines. The site is still on the first page after six years of launching.

Juvederm Training & AZ Discount Spa

How can you enhance your existing website and make it work for you? By creating consistency and optimizing content by creating microsites. That’s exactly what we did here.

Not just botox and tattoo removal, we made sure we covered all the keywords and phrases for the medical spa industry. Our sites have brought in a 50% increase in site traffic; thus generating more lead potential.


'I hope my child lives'
Millennial Campaign