Ongoing social media campaign

The Jewish Voice #cleanwater campaign is an ongoing brand awareness campaign targeted to donors who want to help impoverished communities who need clean drinking water. Using #cleanwater, #cleanwaterwednesday, #worldwaterday and #GivingTuesday, compelling imagery and engaging copy, I was able to run a few highly successful campaigns around the theme of clean drinking water. Each Twitter and Facebook post had an engagement goal, while while linking to a landing page. 

Please see below the row of images of every campaign for #cleanwater:



TYPE : Social Media Campaign

GOAL : Engagement, brand awareness and increase donations

Image 1: The most engaged campaign was the clean water quiz, via Twitter and Facebook, gaining a lot of shares, likes and participants. However, it did not convert to many donations. The positive side of this campaign was the engagement.

Image 2: For the first week, we ran an A-B test on a donation landing page: one with the video and the other without. Mid-week we determined that the images and copy performed better than the video; however the video converted to donations from the website not from email or social media.

Image 3: The Send a Heart landing page performed the worst out of the first three. Although the interactive heart and unique messaging “looked” engaging, it did not translate well with the audience. This lesser direct approach, wasn’t clear enough for the audience.  In the campaign, we gave the audience the option to send a personalized message to a child. Once sent, it transforms into a landing page where users have the option to donate or leave. Most left, in fact, many did not even send a message nor visit the landing page – users left emojis of hearts in the comment section instead.

For every non profit #GivingTuesday should be a priority. #GivingTuesday is a global day dedicated to giving back. On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving charities, families, businesses, community centers, and students around the world come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give.

We know clean water is a huge need globally, so for this campaign we decided to target users searching for clean water charities. We targeted our audiences using the following mediums:

  • 1 Email
  • (12) Tweets, (5) Facebook Posts, (1) Instagram
  • 3 Blog posts about the need for clean water
  • Banner image on website, which links to landing page
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