As Facebook has grown, and so has Facebook advertising. Through promoted posts, I was able to target potential donors outside of the client’s primary audience. I spent $15 on the one week campaign, promoting three posts at $5/ea.

The overall strategy was as follows:

  • Three blog posts about hope
  • Three graphics created with #BeAHopeGiver
  • One video edited with a donation page link in the description.
  • 12 Tweets, three instagram posts, 8 Facebook posts (three promoted)


Engagement – Facebook page likes increased close to 200 during the campaign week. Women ages 45-65 engaged the most with the posts (This is their ideal targeted donors). Men ages 24 -35 interacted with the video post the most. The Inspirational memes performed the best on each platform.


DATE  :  March 2016

TYPE  :  Social Media

GOAL  :  Increase donations and engagement

The Luxury Affair