Consultant providing services in person & remotely

By communicating effectively, embracing change, developing implementation plans and creating operating models that make sense, I can take the loftiest of visions and transform them into a fulfilling reality. With a 10 year marketing background, plus 7  years designing websites and 6 years of editing video, this experience has put me in good position to provide comprehensive UX consultancy.

Potential Projects

  1. User testing implementation, reporting design enhancement recommendations for web projects.
  2. Creating, managing and testing social media campaigns each month to drive traffic, revenue and grow the online community.
  3. Proactively keep up to date of marketing and media plans, and provide solutions including rich media, promotional ideas, social networks, and viral.
  4. Overall responsibility for all UX design considerations for any project.
  5. Create rough and final cuts, trim footage, input music, dialogue, graphics and effects for video.
  6.  Creative Research to ensure a future project will be planned on a solid foundation.
    • Manages research studies that yield insights into consumer online behavior and key motivational/attitudinal behavior
    • User profiling
    • User journey analysis
    • Develop a total understanding of online target audience
    • Research industry trends

Remote Consultation

For those who are not located near me I do remote consultation from home. We can communicate either via skype or email. If this is of interest then please just send an email to, describing the kind of project you need help with as well as a time frame for our initial chat.

One advantage of using me on a remote basis is that I charge at an hourly rate, which, of course, depends on the project. This can be beneficial for clients who only need consultation on a short-term basis.

Recent Projects